What is the trick to our "Googled Safe SEO" approach?

With all the penguins and pandas and other animals running around the web, it can be hard to know if your website and optimization efforts are working. That is where Blenzabi comes in. We have a SEO package that complies with the current search engine algorithms. We have studied and included the most valuable information in regards to this SEO package. “Google Safe "was developed with Google's algorithm changes and safe SEO practices in mind. Many experts continue to say that organic and natural SEO still has value. We are taking what the experts are saying and combining it all to one package. We’ve concluded that website should have both interesting content to talk about and then you can widely share it in the social media. If a website has such activity with social media signals, you will continue to see high ranking factors as well as points to gain page rank.

It is possible to be over-optimized!  Don’t let that be you.

Just as important as under optimization is, it is equally important to make sure you do not “over- optimize” your pages. Unfortunately, most business owners do not understand the importance of taking over optimization factors into concern. Our group at Blenzabi has found the relevant factors. We took those into consideration and conceived this package to make sure that:

  •  We vary the use with anchor texts so that you do not have to rely on targeted keywords as much
  •  We give promotion a natural look by extending services throughout a month and use both inner and front page urls. SEO benefit would be applied to the entire website along with achieving rankings to the main targeted keywords and pages
  •  Slow, organic, and natural SEO
  •  We never use anything less that the most up to date list of top websites. We want to ensure that you get only superior links.

Finally, a package that is Panda and Penguin Safe!!

It’s not just about the panda anymore. We have a new worry in the form of an artic penguin as well. We worked hard to master the safe SEO strategies to fulfill the panda update with our Panda Package. Now with the recent webspam (penguin) algorithm update, we have once again gone back to the drawing board and implemented more organic strategies to make sure that all aspects of Google will find your website irresistible.

  •  We only use unique content used to satisfy all Google updates
  •  We do not pick and chose which factors to implement. All important factors from Google Penguin update and the latest panda algorithm are put into practice.
  •  The sites we used are handpicked for authenticity. Each site we use resides on different IPs from different locations. Your website is safe as there are no sites belonging to a huge network in our list
  •  Uses 100% manual process from formatting and submission to report creation. We strictly adhere to the "ZeroBOT" policy to make sure that the strategy is Penguin proof

***SEO and optimization is a very fluid industry with rapid changes. We are constantly changing and updating our packages and services. To stay up to date with the most recent packages and info, check back often and sign up for our newsletter.
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One article writing
24 different resources content writing
AAL get 24 live articles (6 per week)
Press Release writing
90 Press Release Distributions
20 shared social document sharing of article
40 Title and Description writing for bookmarks
40 Shared social bookmarking (4 weeks) different users, titles and descriptions
10 news bookmarking of PR with different title and description
Bronze Link Wheel
20 Facebook wall updates in 20 days
20 shared social document sharing of article
20 Tweets in 20 days
20 Google plus updates (can substitute LinkedIn)
50 Unique do follow guest blogs links from relevant blogs
50 Unique do follow social profile links
150 Unique do follow social bookmarking links
Part1: Interesting content worth sharing
As mentioned, the first step is to create appealing content and information on and about your website. Services Include:
  Article Writing
    •  First, we write a well-researched, unique article of 450 – 500 words based on the main target keywords. Next, the article would be then prepared for publication at 24 best article directories. Now here is the real optimization part in this SEO package. All 24 articles would carry unique resources boxes with different anchor tags. We would be making use of 10-12 keywords to link back to the related urls of your website. This makes sure that over optimization focusing on a particular keyword is not done. Finally, over a period of one month we publish your article in six different locations every four weeks. In total you will get 24 published articles in total.
    •  Publishing the articles will take place gradually over a month. Articles would be published in 6 spots every week for 4 weeks. This gets you 24 published articles in total.
      Deliverables: 24 Published articles with varied resource box in a month with 2 links from each article
      Duration: 4 Weeks
  Promotion of a Press Release
    •  First, we write a newsworthy press release about your company which would create an instant buzz online. The press release would be written as an official release so that there is no harm in sending it to all online news channels in a single shot. Next, the press release would be distributed to top sharing sites for maximum visibility. Finally, we have guaranteed syndication by Google News ensures that a huge buzz would be created about your website
    •  The press release would be distributed to top 90 Press release sites for maximum visibility
    •  Guaranteed syndication by Google News ensures that a huge buzz would be created about your website
     - Login Details of each press release directory
     - Screenshots of press release distributed to 90 sites
      Duration: 5 Working Days


Part 2: Multiply your voice using Social Media Marketing
Now that people are starting to recognize your website, we must utilize the social media market to spread the word. We have hand-chosen the most effective and Google friendly strategies. All the following promotions would start after 7 days of initial promotion so that the initial approach is indexed by Google.

All the following promotions would start after 7 days of initial promotion so that the initial approach is indexed by Google.
  Share your article with different sharing sites.
    •  It’s time to put your website onto social document sharing sites. On the top 20 sites, we use our proven profiles to make your submission look organic. In addition, your documents would carry links back to your website as well.
      Deliverables: Published links of all 20 shared articles
      Duration: 5 working days
  Bookmark your Press Release in Social Media
    •  It’s time to get the press release shared in the social media. This is where social news bookmarking comes into play. The live press release would be bookmarked in top 10 news bookmarking sites such as Slashdot and newsvine. To get rid of duplicate bookmarks, we make use of unique titles and descriptions as well.
      Deliverables: Direct links to each published news bookmark
      Duration: 10 working days
  Bookmarking done via social networks- 10/wk for 4 months.
    •  Social Bookmarking signals to your website are especially valuable for rankings. However, we must be cautious with the threat of penalty for over optimization. Our unique strategy to avoid this starts with writing 40 different, unique titles and descriptions. We then move on to bookmark your website on a slow and natural pace of 10 bookmarks per week for 4 months. By using different titles and descriptions we give the feel of posting by individuals users.

  • Write 40 different, unique titles and descriptions
  • Bookmark your website on a slow and natural pace of 10 bookmarks per week for 4 months
  • Bookmarks would be done using highly reputable unique user account that we have along with posting different titles and descriptions.
  • This makes the bookmarks look like being done by individual users.
      Deliverables: Direct links to each bookmark (40 in 4 weeks) in the final report
      Duration: 4 Weeks
  Twitter, facebook and linkedin Contributions
    •  We circulate unique content in social media blogs with optimized anchor texts. It starts with completed profiles in 12 social media blogging sites, researching 12 keywords to match your site and industry, 12 Unique, well researched social media content posts (250-300 words) written based on the keywords, and finally we publish the content in 12 blogs with a Google safe link pattern.

  • Completed profiles in 12 social media blogging sites
  • Keyword research to find 12 unique keywords related to your website
  • 12 Unique, well researched social media content (250-300 words) written based on the keywords
  • The unique content published in 12 blogs with a Google safe link pattern.
      Deliverables: 24 Published articles with varied resource box in a month with 2 links from each
      Duration: 4 Weeks
  Bronze Social Media Blogging Wheels
  •  25 We would write interesting updates based on extensive research. It would be made sure that the social media posts that we write would be shared like a wildfire within these networks.

  • 20 Wall updates to your facebook fanpage in 20 days
  • 20 Tweets to your twitter profile in 20 days
  • 20 updates to your Google Plus company page in 20 days
  • Profile login information of all 12 social media blogging sites
  • 12 Published content links>

      Duration: 45 working days
MAURICO SARRIA - Southern Utah  
Blenzabi went above and beyond in helping me create our site and truly trying to understand our needs. They gave my business the credibility it needed with the online presence of a professional site that is easy to understand.  So, if you want a great professional website, with a pleasant professional experience, you’ve found your company with Blenzabi.

DEREK RAPOLLA - Conference Center  
I love the way it worked out…aesthetically and functionally it’s just what I imagined it could be. Blenzabi went above and beyond in helping me create our site and truly trying to understand our needs.

MIKE GLEDHILL - CPA, Riverside, CA  
“Blenzabi was the perfect choice to design and make my website more SEO friendly. Much of my business relies on traffic that has come from search engines so it was important for me to have results. Every month, I see more and more traffic and higher rankings for my site! We’ve also experienced more phone calls, which means more business. I couldn’t be happier!"

ASHLEIGH ABBOTT- Print Auto Mail  
It took me a while to find someone who could accomplish what I needed for my website. I have to say it was well worth the wait. The staff at Blenzabi was a total and utter pleasure to work with. They did not just give me the same cookie cutter website you see in so many industry websites today. The team’s hard work, patience, and professionalism far exceeded my expectations.

JESSICA SMITH- nonprofit organization  
I know I was not their biggest account, but they never made me or my project feel less important. I always felt like my site was priority number one. They are great at what they do, talented, attentive and thorough. They had a impressive and effectual way to implement design, social media, and an events section that has helped us get our message out. They also offered competitive rates that allowed us to get exactly what we needed without breaking our budget.
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