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An algorithm is a mathematical formula or an operational programming rule to establish the position of a webpage in the search results.

‘Alt’ attribute
It displays alternative text description for an image when a user hovers mouse over it.

Anchor text
This visible text in hyperlink allows user to move to other pages by clicking on it.

Cost-Per-Click based advertising introduced by Google.
Blog Farm
Collection or group of blogs purposely used for link building and populated by RSS-feed scripts.

Back Link
A link or number of links on web pages that point to the main or subject page

Bad neighborhood
A bad neighborhood over the internet is a website that uses prohibited or controversial tactics to rank its position in the search engines.

Bid management
Process to placing a bid price that a user wants to pay on a PPC search engine.

Software that’s generally used by the search engines for web spidering and webpage indexing.

Black Hat SEO Tactics
This is best described as the use of “unfair” or unethical SEO techniques to drive results in search engine result pages among other things. However, mostly the traffic or artificial clicks gained from the use of black hat methods are extremely temporary.
Last recorded view of a webpage stored in the search engine’s database

A Black hat SEO technique where the content provided to the search engine spider is different from the information displayed to the user’s browser.

Conversion rate
This is the rate at which a visitor converts in the potential customer

A software program that browse the websites in very orderly and automated fashion. Crawler also executes link analysis and HTML code validation functions.

Term used when several sites are linked together in order to enhance the link popularity. Sometimes it’s also called interlinking.

Commonly known as Cascading Style Sheets. The most common application is used to format web pages written in HTML or XHTML.

This is the scenario when webpage(s) of a website are removed from search engine indexes or banned from for any such reason.

The term refers Meta tag description in the head section of the page to describe primary purpose of the website. In other words, the term ‘description’ also refers to the full elaboration of your website segment during the directory submission.

A website that acts as a repository of other website listings where the websites are listed in various categories. These directories are either free or paid.

Doorway pages
These are specially built pages meant to draw visitors to your website. These standalone pages work as a bridge between user and your website. Once the spider comes on the doorway page, it directly directs to the real website.

Google Bot
This Google’s search engine spider visits the links across the internet to feed pages to search engines index. As many quality links your website have, priority of frequent spider visit at your website increases.

Graphical Search inventory
Advertisement units like banners, animations and browser toolbars that can easily be synchronized with the keywords, are known as the Graphical Search Inventory. This non-text based advertising medium depends on the manner in which content is displayed.

This is a section in your website where you can find the code that includes title for the webpage, keyword Meta tag, description Meta tag and robots tag. The section is invisible from general users.

Hidden Text
These are the text, made hidden by setting the font color of the text same as the background color of the page. It renders the text invisible unless user highlights it.

The term indexing or search engine indexing refers to the collecting, parsing and storing data on the World Wide Web for accurate and easy retrieval.
These are the words that describe the theme of the website or particular webpage. Keywords and keyword phrases are used in SEO process to optimize the web pages for high search engine rankings.

Keyword Density
Term depicts the availability of a given keyword in 100 words of text. It equals a keyword density of 1% .

Keyword Stuffing
The term refers as a controversial practice of adding extra keywords in the web page in order to make the page more visible to search engines

Link Building
Group of interlinked websites, set up intentionally to increase the link popularity to those sites. Engaging in link farming is prohibited by the search engine.

Link Farm
One part of an insect's eye which focuses light

Link Popularity
It refers to the number of hyperlinks that point to a particular web page. This is a vital factor that determines the PageRank of the page.

Longtail SEO
Long tail SEO is an attempt to bring together lower-volume and higher-converting keywords so as to build a major impact. The concept is especially devised to obtain relevant traffic from long search queries. These queries are focused and less frequently used by searchers in comparison to other primary search terms.

Macro SEO
A group level search engine optimization technique to promote a number of websites together for one or more keywords.

Meta Tags
These are special HTML tags that store the information about a webpage. Meta tags are not displayed in the web browser. It provides the information about the theme of the page, keywords of the page and description of the page.

Micro Website
A group level search engine optimization technique to promote a number of websites together for one or more keywords

A mirror sites is the exact or identical copy of another website. Mirror sites are used to deliver multiple source of the same information.

Offsite Optimization
A process to optimize and increase a website’s search engine rankings primarily with link exchange.

A very popular process to tune up the website(s) to make it more visible in search engines for achieving high search engine rankings.

Outbound Link
These are the links on your website that point to other websites

This is Google’s tool to evaluate every webpage based on the number and quality of backlinks.

Pay per Click
A process used by prominent search engines where advertisers pay for their published ads on the websites when a user clicks on the add link

Reciprocal Links
Term refers a process of link exchange between two sites to improve website’s search ranking on a search engine results page (SERP).

This is a tactic to send a visitor to other webpage than the one that’s particularly explored by the keyword search in the search engine. The process is risky as search engine spider doesn’t follow the redirects sometimes.
Reciprocal Links
Term refers a process of link exchange between two sites to improve website’s search ranking on a search engine results page (SERP).

Reporting search engine spam
This is the procedure to legitimately elude perverse or unfair competition from the search base. Searchers may report a website spam, if they find it irrelevant according to the related theme.

A set of instructions for spiders to allow or deny them indexing of website page(s).

Sandbox Effect
When Google systematically ignores new websites to be indexed for its competitive keywords and key phrases, the term is called Sandbox effect.

Search Engine Optimization
Very well-arranged technique to place appropriate title tags and Meta tags, and that the keywords in a page in order to obtain higher search engine rankings.

Search Engine Ranking Report
The report evaluates web page rankings by analyzing a range of keyword(s) in the major search engines.

Search Engine Result Page
It displays an indicative list of search results that are relevant to the keyword(s) or search phrases, user enter.

Search Engine Submission
A process to submit a website to search engines in order to allow them to list your website in their indices and search results

Secondary search engines
Secondary search engines are the topical and regional engines that target at smaller, more specific audiences. These search engines provide narrow and focused search results while searching for specific information.

This is rawler from yahoo. It crawls the World Wide Web and submits the content into the Yahoo search engine

In search engine terms, spamming is a tactic to repeat keywords or key phrases in the website to achieve higher ranking in the search engines.

A spider is an automated program that randomly visits the websites and reads entire content for making their entries in the Google search engine indices. In other terms, a spider is a robot used by search engines to list websites on the internet.

Title Tag
Found in the ‘Head’ section of a Web page, this HTML tag is used to define the text that acts as the title of the search listings

A collective amount of visitors that visit a website for their own purposes

Broadly known as ‘Uniform Resource Locator’ and is the address of a particular website on the internet. It starts with http://. SEO Friendly URL. Creating SEO-friendly URLs is a time consuming technique, employed to open the website to a massive platform of relevant traffic.
White Hat SEO Tactics
Any SEO technique that complies with integrity and veracity of the website and follows the search engines guidelines is seen as a white hate search engine optimization tactic.
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